What is different about our IRs?

These IR have been created ANALOGICALLY so you will have a feeling of playing with a REAL Cab while using them.

IR are carefully Phase Aligned so you can use them in MIX and have a MIX ready GUITAR Tone. 

You will save time and the production will sound better!


What cabs are in this pack?

The exact same cabs described in the product description. For obvious reasons of copyright packs cannot contain the name of the cabs recorded in their names.


Is there a demo?

Yes! You can download a FREE sample from HERE: LINK


What is an impulse response?

An Impulse response allows capturing the signal chain of an actual guitar cabinet, along with a microphone, preamp, eq, and any other analog processing. You can basically emulate the sound of a specific CAB and Signal Flow on your DAW, Plugins, or Digital Amp Modeler that has an IR LOADER.

Do they Work on my Amp/Plugin/DAW?

Yes! They do WORK on every Plugin/Digital Amp/Amp Modeler/DAW that has an IR Loader.

Can I use IRs with my hardware loader?

Yes! They actually work everywhere an IR Loader is present!